What is CLEA-GI?

The Citizens Law Enforcement Anti-Graffiti Initiative (CLEA-GI) evolved from a group of Phoenix community leaders joining with the Arizona Police Association for the purpose of solving the problem of graffiti vandalism, rather than just repeatedly covering up the problem with more and more paint.

Graffiti affects everyone and is often a “gateway crime” that leads to more serious or dangerous crimes. The Citizens Law Enforcement Anti-Graffiti Initiative (CLEA-GI) is now a citizen based non-profit coalition of volunteers, state wide law enforcement organizations, governments, business leaders and members of the judicial and correctional systems.

By analyzing the factors that contribute to juvenile and adult graffiti vandalism, CLEA-GI is working to bring technology, education, environmental design, corporate/community partnerships, law makers and law enforcement together to eradicate the devastating far reaching effects of graffiti upon communities and families.

While all graffiti is vandalism and vandalism is a crime, gang graffiti is a dangerous form of vandalism, often posing a much a greater threat to neighborhoods than many other forms of criminal activity.

After law enforcement identified a need for Arizona legislation to separate the consequences for gang graffiti from tagging graffiti, in 2015 CLEA-GI successfully sponsored legislation that was signed into law.

CLEA-GI is based on the value of one and the power of many.  Just like the legs of a starfish, with everyone working together, we can make a change.