After a graffiti detective identified the need for Arizona legislation to separate the consequences for gang graffiti from tagging graffiti, CLEA-GI, along with our Partner the Arizona Police Association, successfully sponsored legislation to help combat gang graffiti.

Partnering with the City of Phoenix and Zero Graffiti International CLEA-GI sponsored a local conference for citizens and those involved in graffiti issues and clean-ups.

Along with its partner the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, CLEA-GI sponsored a regional conference focusing on education, legal aspects and consequences of graffiti involvement. 

CLEA-GI participated in several of the Arizona School Resource Officers’ conferences and made two presentations to the Officers.

As part of a Zero Graffiti International conference, CLEA-GI’s presentation focused on the value of partnerships and the citizens’ role in mitigating graffiti vandalism.