Signs of Graffiti Involvement

Look for:

….graffiti or paint and marker-stains on clothing, such as shoes and backpacks, on  schoolbooks and in the bedroom with those same tags in the neighborhood.

….a hat, bandanna or hoodie used to conceal the face and baggy pants to conceal paint and markers.

….multiple magic markers in various colors, spray-paint cans, and etching tools.

….stickers, such as mailing or identity, used for “slap tagging” on surfaces.

….the use of a nickname or the same letters used repeatedly.

….paint or marker residue on fingertips.

….a notebook that contains tagging or graffiti.

….visits to graffiti websites on the computer, tagging magazines, and photographs of tagging in their bedroom.

….listen for talk about my crew, as this means membership in a tagging crew.

….graffiti photos on the cell phone camera.

….package deliveries addressed to your child from companies selling office and art supplies, paints, markers, and acid etch cream or tools.